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Be prepared to choose one of the following options, when ordering.

  1. Adequate age verification has previously been sent. (Choose this option if you want us to wait for your ID to arrive. PLEASE, leave a note in the special instructions section during your order transaction, saying you are forwarding age verification, or E-mail us.)
  2. I submit that it is legal for me to purchase ammunition. This option requires that you be at least 21 years old. A $5.00 fee for this option will be added to your order. (UPS Adult Signature on delivery) Be prepared for someone to receive the package when it is delivered.
  3. No age verification is required for the products purchased. (No ammunition, including blank ammo or exploding targets are being purchased.)

New York State must supply a copy of a Pistol Permit for Pistol Ammo.

Some legal information

Ammunition has always been treated in much the same way as the sale of alcohol.

Mail order ammo is a little different in the fact that law enforcement wants to know how I can be sure that the product I am selling is being delivered to those who are of legal age. Therefore, it is necessary to have something in our files, to satisfy Federal and State law enforcement. The only alternative to having something in our files is to actually meet you, the customer, or to order with the Adult Signature option ($5.00 Fee). Adult Signature Details

Here are the options: (See Below)

Only one of the following options is necessary.

You can always order before we actually have the ID, but you will need to E-mail us to let us know that we should wait for the ID to arrive.

Once Age Verification is on file, then you will not need to bother with it again.


(1) Fax an ENLARGED photo copy of a government ID. (Scanned DL's do not fax well. See below for E-mail attachment) This ID is commonly a Driver's License but it can also be a Firearms Permit, an FFL, or a Government ID that is current, has a Date of Birth and an Identification #. Any ID that has the Identification # scratched off will not be accepted.

Fax # is: 585-538-4061

(2) If you do not have access to a fax machine you can forward the above ID by mail to:

PO BOX 24103

If you would like confirmation, please include an E-mail address and a note stating you would like to be notified when your ID arrives.

(3) AGE AFFIDAVIT - This link will take you to a printable age affidavit that can be filled out and mailed to us. This cannot be faxed to us because the signature is only valid if it is signed in ink. The affidavit asks for your Driver's License # , but it really is not necessary to have this information. You may choose to leave it blank or enter "NA." Also, the E-mail address is only needed if you want us to confirm receipt of the affidavit.(Please print clearly ) Use the address above to send this to us. Include a confirmation of receipt note if you would like to be notified when your ID arrives.
(4) A scanned image (Government ID), attached to E-mail, is one of our favorite ways to receive ID as long as you follow these basic rules. It can be color or gray scale, must be low resolution and in compressed file format, such as jpeg(jpg), tiff(tif), gif, or a bmp file if it is not too large. It must be an image file only. If it takes longer than 6 minutes for us to download then we will ask you to reduce it's size before attempting to download it.

Write down our E-mail address. Ammobank@aol.com

(5) The UPS Adult Signature upon delivery option is also available. This carries with it an additional charge of $5.00 and does not put anything into our files for future orders. This option is available to those who do not intend to order again or don't want to bother with age verification at this point in time.

UPS will attempt to make three deliveries, (Leaving a yellow notice) if no one is available to sign, before shipping the product back to us. The shipping fees on undeliverable packages are the responsibility of the customer. If you receive the yellow notice from UPS or have chosen the Adult Signature option, please make arrangements to receive the package.

Do not redirect the package.