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Detailed Product Info: "P338FB"


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Category: RIFLE Associating Image.
Manufacture: FEDERAL Premium
Item# P338FB
Description: (Free Freight Policy) FED .338 Federal NOSLER PARTITION
Count: 20
Price: $64.99
Cartridge/gauge: .338 FEDERAL
Weight: 210gr
Shot Size:
Number of Pellets:
Uses/Details: A unique combination of two time-tested designsóthe .338 bullet atop the versatile .308 cartridge case. Itís a combination thatís been made a legitimate cartridge by the development efforts of the engineering and ballistics staff at Federal in collaboration with Sako rifles. A larger diameter bullet in the shorter-action .308 case generates approximately 200 feet per second more velocity than a standard .308 with a 30-caliber bullet (when comparable bullet weights are considered).

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