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Detailed Product Info: "PT12-12"


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Category: TARGETS Associating Image.
Item# PT12-12
Description: (Free Freight Policy) BIR CASEY "Dirty Bird" Splatter Targets- 12" Round
Count: 12
Price: $18.99
Cartridge/gauge: DIRTY BIRD
Weight: --
Shot Size:
Number of Pellets:
Length: The name comes from the splatter of white that appears upon bullet impact, which allows you to immediately spot each shot. These targets are a great value and simple to use both indoors and outdoors.
Drams: The black and white contrast of these splattering targets is also perfect for reading shot groups. The non-adhesive back also allows you to affix to a surface as you wish, add notes and then easily save the targets for future reference.
Uses/Details: Why use paper targets when you can enjoy the splatter of DIRTY BIRD targets?

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