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Detailed Product Info: ":SXP300S"


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Category: RIFLE Associating Image.
Manufacture: WINCHESTER
Item# :SXP300S
Description: (Free Freight Policy) WIN .300 Winchester Short Mag SUPREME ELITE "XP3" (LOW STOCK (1))
Count: 20
Price: $OUT
Cartridge/gauge: .300 WSM
Weight: 180gr
Shot Size:
Number of Pellets:
Uses/Details: Supreme Elite™ XP3™: The new XP3™ bullet starts with a 2-stage expansion design then combines all the best-known bullet technology into one bullet. It delivers precision accuracy awesome knockdown power and deep penetration all in one package -- and it's as effective on thin-skinned game, like deer and antelope, as it is on tough game, like elk, moose, bear, and African animals, at short and long ranges. The XP3™ is the closest thing to a perfect hunting bullet you can buy!

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