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Sales Rep. Fred Beggs

PO BOX 24103

2952 W MAIN ST.

PHONE: 800-357-9757
(1-5PM) Daily
FAX: 585-538-4061

Personal Specific is the company that maintains the Personal Touch, the Ethical Business Practices, and the Customer Satisfaction of Ammo Bank Ammunition & Firearms and more recently Ammo Bee and Guns our new Retail Location.

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As owner of Personal Specific/The Ammo Bank and an outdoor enthusiast as well, I have reaped the low prices of products offered from large sporting goods stores and department stores but have often found that the store itself was unable to meet my personal requirements .

It seemed somewhat burdensome to run to the Gun Shop, the Sporting Goods Store or the Department Store for my brand of ammo only to be disappointed. Thus Personal Specific was born. The Ammo Bank offers over 2000 varieties of ammunition with more constantly being added. Since we are not bound to stock quotas or a franchise's decision to stock a particular brand, this becomes an excellent way of being sure to have your brand, weight, or load available for you when you need it . I decide for the company... And in order to separate Personal Specific/The Ammo Bank from other mail order, guns, accessories and ammo companies......

I choose to meet your specific needs.

Fred Beggs
Owner and Customer Service Rep.

Personal Specific is a company that believes that, in this society, the consumer is far too often treated like a victim.

Mortgage Companies, Insurance Companies, Long Distance Phone Companies, the Politicians, the hype, the advertisements; All to get you, the consumer to make a decision, that you may not have made, without a little deception...

The intent of Personal Specific has been the same since it began in 1996, to open several different divisions of sales with customer orientation in mind. Ammo Bank Ammunition & Firearms has shown itself to be successful in delivering quality service.

With our radical methods we reach out to the customer in an all new way. Where do you find a company that actually shows you the price you will be charged, right up front? No additional shipping fees, membership fees, insurance, or handling fees. You can know just exactly what you will be paying.

(Ammo Bank requires Age Verification on file and a minimum order of $65.00 for Free Shipping)

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Beginning in the year 2001 we have decided to withdraw our membership from the Better Business Bureau because it is no longer necessary in order to prove our integrity. We have had Total Customer Satisfaction except in cases where a customer has not let us know where an error was made. (Let us know!) Our record of dependable service will be more than enough.
Personal Specific chooses to maintain a low profile to its division of sales. Its sole purpose is to direct its divisions and sub-divisions in customer friendly methods of sales.