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If fraudulent charges were found to be a result of using The Ammo Bank's on line ordering, we will pay any liability that your bank holds you responsible for, which according to the Fair Credit Billing Act, your bank cannot hold you liable for more than $50.00 of fraudulent charges.

(1) - The Encrypting methods used, on this site, to protect transferred information is of highest quality, which is most important in today's Electronic Shopping. The Ammo Bank/Personal Specific guarantees that you will pay nothing if any unauthorized charges are made to your card as a result of shopping on this site. This includes the security of information that we retain after your order is placed.

(2) - The need to provide Age Verification establishes an additional threat of security that needs to be addressed. Identification numbers of all types are often transferred to us in the effort to provide us with age verification. In most cases of Faxed or E-mailed copies of ID's it is necessary to have the Identifying Number that corresponds to the customer. These ID numbers are the only means available, by which we can legally use to validate your age, outside of a signed affidavit or your personal presence. While there is some degree of risk when supplying such information to just any company, we have gone the extra distance to prove ourselves. We have an actual physical address, not just an internet address, and we provide you with Office Hours and Accessibility for any concerns or questions you may have over these matters.

It is our strict policy to honor our customers' privacy.

Any information that is giving to us is kept in strict confidence. We are not in the information business nor do we harass our valuable customers via continuous E-mail spamming. Your E-mail address and other vital information will go no further than our files and we keep this information secure. If you have any concerns over this matter, please contact us.

We are accessible.

800-357-9757 (1-5pm EST) Daily


In order to to prevent illegal and improper orders we have implemented a system of security checks , including a Security Dept. We do not process every order that comes in without first going through this security system. The main objective of our Security Dept. is to only accept orders that are complete, with no loose ends.

For example:

If there are any of the following security snags in your order, you can bet it will be delayed or denied, no matter how small or how large the order is. Simply put, be careful to help us fill your order/s as smoothly as possible.

(1) Wrong or no phone #, especially if the E-mail is incorrect or Hotmail.

(2) A continuous flow of orders to a single customer, using the Adult Signature Option, and especially if there is no concern for price, such as discounts.

(3) A mail in order, using the Adult Signature option.

(4) Not being able to match the Credit Card's billing address to an address supplied by the customer. This works like a Credit Card password, which after repeated contacts with the customer and address verification attempts, the order will just not be processed.

(5) Ordering product using a Credit Card other than your own is usually quickly declined except in certain circumstances. This delays an order, even if it is validated.

(6) Customers that claim to have sent in age verification and will not respond to our requests for this information.